Defending Adnans Innocence or Guilt?

When I think of the podcast, Serial, the first thing I think about, is the stance I hold on Adnan being either, guilty or Innocent. After listening to the podcast for the first time I had to do plenty of thinking about everything I learned. I feel like this is a case where all the pieces of information lead the listeners on to more questions. Although, after carful consideration I have taken a stance on the matter. I believe that Adnan Syed is innocent and he has not murdered his ex-girlfriend  Hae Min Lee. From everything I have learned from the Serial podcast at this point, this is what I truly believe. There is not one piece of evidence that can make anyone 100 percent sure he is guilty. Other than that, there are many pieces of evidence that can help prove Adnan innocent.

Jay changes his stories about what occurred on the day of Hae’s death

The first thing that got me to thinking he is innocent is the stories of a man named Jay Wilds. After the body of Hae is found the Baltimore detectives interview Jay. He tells the detectives what he did on the day of the murder. He then states that Adnan murdered Hae. They then interview him again about the day Adnan murdered Hae and there are some clear discrepancies from his original story. An example of this is in the first interview Jay says, him and Adnan went to Westview Mall. Then in his other interview the detectives ask him the same thing. His story now changes and now they went to Security Square Mall. There are many other things that change from Jay’s original story. Something more significant is the fact that in the first taped interview, Jay says Adnan only told him that same day that he was going to kill Hae. Two weeks later, Jay says that Adnan had started talking about it four or five days before it happened. Now this was extremely alarming for me. My theory is that Jay is changing his stories because he is lying about something and the thing he is lying about is the claim that Adnan murdered Hae.

Asia claims that Adnan was at  Woodlawn at the time of the crime

Another part of the podcast that got me to believe Adnan is innocent. Is the part where Adnan’s alibi witness Asia McClain is introduced. Asia claims she was with Adnan in the school library at the time Hae Min Lee is supposedly killed. Asia is waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up, but he is hours late. Adnan then come over to keep her company and the two chat together until Asia’s boyfriend shows up. Asia tells Adnan’s family that she was with him when the crime happened. When Adnan’s trial date came his lawyer Cristina Gutierrez failed to mention Asia McClean and she was not used to help prove his innocence. Had Asia been used I feel as though the result of the trial would have ended much differently. I do not think Asia would have a reason to make up a story like this.


Cellular tower location’s are used against Adnan 

Something that is used against Adnan is his cellphone that traced him to the scene of the crime Leakin Park. It is then revealed to me through the podcast that the cell phone company says the towers can not identify where a person is by them making a phone call and Adnan allegedly gave his phone to Jay. Adnan states in the podcast that in the time frame that he is believed to have killed Hae and buried her it would not be possible to reach Leakin Park. Close friends of Adnan have said in the podcast they would never have thought he would do such a thing. Unless there is 100% proof or clearer evidence that Adnan has done the crime, I will continue to believe that Adnan Sayed is being wrongly imprisoned. These factors I have presented are all pointing toward Adnan’s innocence in this case.


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