Adnan Innocent or Guilty: Is the Evidence There?

The podcast Serial was something that I found extremely enticing. When I first started listening to it, I became hooked  instantly and I am looking forward to listening to more episodes. The circumstances involved in this case are just so unique and out there. There are so many possibilities with what could have happened in the death of Hae Min Lee and the fact the crime occurred so long ago adds an extra bit of mystery. Having the people involved in this case all around the same age as me when this crime was executed gives me a cool little connection. While at the same time of listening I got so involved in the podcast I began trying to search up more information about this case online, it really is something special.

Leakin Park where body of Hae Min Lee was found

I have come to believe Adnan with his claims of innocence.  The alibi witness Asia McClain is not the only reason I have come to this conclusion. Adnan’s friend Jay who claims Adnan killed Hae also kept changing his story each time the detectives interviewed him. This is really suspicious and I believe he is lying about his stories.  One of the things used against Adnan is his cellphone that traced him to the scene of the crime Leakin Park. It is then revealed to me through the podcast that the cell phone company says the towers are not always right in telling where someone is and Adnan allegedly gave his phone to Jay. There had not been any evidence that could lead detectives to believe that he 100% did the crime. Adan also has the backing of old high school friends saying he would never do such a thing and they believe he is completely innocent. The different opinions of listeners on how the murder story went down is really interesting. I have heard people with all types of theories and claims when it comes to this investigation.

Hae and Adnan at prom together

Having investigative journalism presented through podcasts is an excellent idea. It really shines a light on the public eye as to how these types of investigations are done. They are also very entertaining to listen to and can make podcasts even more popular. In some cases it can prevent injustice if there is a flaw found with a verdict in a case. The negatives would be that the families of the people involved in the investigation might not take it in a good way. I believe that this is the what is going on  with serial and Hae’s family. Opening up an old investigation can hurt because the victims family is trying to move on and then in Hae’s case if the convicted murderer is being given a second chance it would leave them with a feeling of injustice.

I enjoy listening to the text as opposed to reading myself in the case of Serial. When you just hear it is much easier to pick things apart as they are being said. It is also very relaxing when I am to lazy to read, so I think a podcast is the way to go. The host of serial Sarah Koenig discusses memory at the beginning of the podcast and I feel like I would remember quite a lot from a specific day only if its within the past year, if I was to receive just a little information about it maybe. That demonstrates how difficult it will be to get really good information  on a crime that occurred so long ago. The only people that might have an idea of what went on are the people which did something significant on the day, other than that most would say its just another ordinary day at school.


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