Defending Adnans Innocence or Guilt?

When I think of the podcast, Serial, the first thing I think about, is the stance I hold on Adnan being either, guilty or Innocent. After listening to the podcast for the first time I had to do plenty of thinking about everything I learned. I feel like this is a case where all the pieces of information lead the listeners on to more questions. Although, after carful consideration I have taken a stance on the matter. I believe that Adnan Syed is innocent and he has not murdered his ex-girlfriend  Hae Min Lee. From everything I have learned from the Serial podcast at this point, this is what I truly believe. There is not one piece of evidence that can make anyone 100 percent sure he is guilty. Other than that, there are many pieces of evidence that can help prove Adnan innocent.

Jay changes his stories about what occurred on the day of Hae’s death

The first thing that got me to thinking he is innocent is the stories of a man named Jay Wilds. After the body of Hae is found the Baltimore detectives interview Jay. He tells the detectives what he did on the day of the murder. He then states that Adnan murdered Hae. They then interview him again about the day Adnan murdered Hae and there are some clear discrepancies from his original story. An example of this is in the first interview Jay says, him and Adnan went to Westview Mall. Then in his other interview the detectives ask him the same thing. His story now changes and now they went to Security Square Mall. There are many other things that change from Jay’s original story. Something more significant is the fact that in the first taped interview, Jay says Adnan only told him that same day that he was going to kill Hae. Two weeks later, Jay says that Adnan had started talking about it four or five days before it happened. Now this was extremely alarming for me. My theory is that Jay is changing his stories because he is lying about something and the thing he is lying about is the claim that Adnan murdered Hae.

Asia claims that Adnan was at  Woodlawn at the time of the crime

Another part of the podcast that got me to believe Adnan is innocent. Is the part where Adnan’s alibi witness Asia McClain is introduced. Asia claims she was with Adnan in the school library at the time Hae Min Lee is supposedly killed. Asia is waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up, but he is hours late. Adnan then come over to keep her company and the two chat together until Asia’s boyfriend shows up. Asia tells Adnan’s family that she was with him when the crime happened. When Adnan’s trial date came his lawyer Cristina Gutierrez failed to mention Asia McClean and she was not used to help prove his innocence. Had Asia been used I feel as though the result of the trial would have ended much differently. I do not think Asia would have a reason to make up a story like this.


Cellular tower location’s are used against Adnan 

Something that is used against Adnan is his cellphone that traced him to the scene of the crime Leakin Park. It is then revealed to me through the podcast that the cell phone company says the towers can not identify where a person is by them making a phone call and Adnan allegedly gave his phone to Jay. Adnan states in the podcast that in the time frame that he is believed to have killed Hae and buried her it would not be possible to reach Leakin Park. Close friends of Adnan have said in the podcast they would never have thought he would do such a thing. Unless there is 100% proof or clearer evidence that Adnan has done the crime, I will continue to believe that Adnan Sayed is being wrongly imprisoned. These factors I have presented are all pointing toward Adnan’s innocence in this case.


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Adnan Innocent or Guilty: Is the Evidence There?

The podcast Serial was something that I found extremely enticing. When I first started listening to it, I became hooked  instantly and I am looking forward to listening to more episodes. The circumstances involved in this case are just so unique and out there. There are so many possibilities with what could have happened in the death of Hae Min Lee and the fact the crime occurred so long ago adds an extra bit of mystery. Having the people involved in this case all around the same age as me when this crime was executed gives me a cool little connection. While at the same time of listening I got so involved in the podcast I began trying to search up more information about this case online, it really is something special.

Leakin Park where body of Hae Min Lee was found

I have come to believe Adnan with his claims of innocence.  The alibi witness Asia McClain is not the only reason I have come to this conclusion. Adnan’s friend Jay who claims Adnan killed Hae also kept changing his story each time the detectives interviewed him. This is really suspicious and I believe he is lying about his stories.  One of the things used against Adnan is his cellphone that traced him to the scene of the crime Leakin Park. It is then revealed to me through the podcast that the cell phone company says the towers are not always right in telling where someone is and Adnan allegedly gave his phone to Jay. There had not been any evidence that could lead detectives to believe that he 100% did the crime. Adan also has the backing of old high school friends saying he would never do such a thing and they believe he is completely innocent. The different opinions of listeners on how the murder story went down is really interesting. I have heard people with all types of theories and claims when it comes to this investigation.

Hae and Adnan at prom together

Having investigative journalism presented through podcasts is an excellent idea. It really shines a light on the public eye as to how these types of investigations are done. They are also very entertaining to listen to and can make podcasts even more popular. In some cases it can prevent injustice if there is a flaw found with a verdict in a case. The negatives would be that the families of the people involved in the investigation might not take it in a good way. I believe that this is the what is going on  with serial and Hae’s family. Opening up an old investigation can hurt because the victims family is trying to move on and then in Hae’s case if the convicted murderer is being given a second chance it would leave them with a feeling of injustice.

I enjoy listening to the text as opposed to reading myself in the case of Serial. When you just hear it is much easier to pick things apart as they are being said. It is also very relaxing when I am to lazy to read, so I think a podcast is the way to go. The host of serial Sarah Koenig discusses memory at the beginning of the podcast and I feel like I would remember quite a lot from a specific day only if its within the past year, if I was to receive just a little information about it maybe. That demonstrates how difficult it will be to get really good information  on a crime that occurred so long ago. The only people that might have an idea of what went on are the people which did something significant on the day, other than that most would say its just another ordinary day at school.

The Glass Castle Archetype Literary Theory Perspective

Through my reading of “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls I have so far found it is a novel of perseverance and family. As Jeanette grew up in a dysfunctional family of six alongside her; two sisters, brother, alcoholic father, and mother. Travelling from town to town she begins to go against her parents. As Janette reaches her teenage years she realizes how bad her childhood has been due to the carelessness of her parents towards the kids. She overcomes obstacles throughout her childhood and adolescence stages but that is what makes her the perfect example of the archetypal figure of the hero.


The hero archetype is portrayed through Jeanette in The Glass Castle.

Throughout the novel Jeanette portrays many characteristics of the hero archetype. The hero is typically raised under strange circumstances having to face obstacles in their life. That is exactly what she is faced by having her father make the family relocate every time he loses his job, which happened frequently, and not being able to stay in one town growing up like a normal child. The really special thing about hero’s is their ability to stay positive when these types of circumstances and obstacles occur in their lives. This is exactly what Jeanette does, because when they relocate to Welch “Seeing as how Welch was our new home, Brian and I figured we’d make the best of it.”(Walls 155) making the best of any circumstance is a clear sign of a hero. When comparing this to the hero archetype of another novel, I thought of  “I am Number Four” by Pittacus Lore, because of the way it brings out the same ideas. John Smith, the protagonist, is faced with similar circumstances having to move from place to place to hide from the mogadorians who are trying to kill him. Yet manages to makes the best of everywhere he goes, by meeting new people of importance in his life along the way. John Smith’s guardian Henri plays a similar role in this novel to the one Jeannette’s dad Rex does, reminding John every time the mogadorians were close, to pack his bags and prepare to leave. Having to overcome all these obstacles in your life and remaining positive is the representation of a true hero.


The archetypal figure I see in Jeanette’s father Rex Wall is the trickster. His characteristics fit that of a trickster. He has plenty of intelligence and secret knowledge. Although he uses it to disobey normal rules and standard behaviour. A really obvious place we see Rex being a trickster is  when he runs away from the hospital to not pay and doing what he calls checking out Rex Wall style. I also see Rex using his knowledge to convey a message in an unusual manner, such as a trickster would “If you don’t want to sink, you better figure out how to swim” (Walls 66). He says this to Jeannette to show her that she  must learn to take care of herself to survive and not sink in the world.



Fire is a symbol used quite extensively throughout the novel.

There are plenty of symbols prevalent in the text, but one of the most important ones is the fire. Showing the difference between Jeanette and her parents. At the beginning of the novel Jeanette gets lit on fire while cooking a hotdog which sends her to the hospital where her mom tells her “You’ve got to get right back in the saddle. You can’t live in fear of something as basic as fire”(Walls 15).  This is just one of the incidents where we see fire in this novel. At the start Jeanette is a just like her parents, addicted to excitement and not frightened by anything, including fire. As the novel progresses, she begins to fear fire again after spectating all the destruction fire can cause. This is what differentiates her from her parents, making her a more responsible person and teaching her there are consequences to things such as playing with fire.


The most important symbol I see is the glass castle itself,  which represents Rex’s hope for an amazing life where he can make the family proud and keep them happier. Rex has been planing for theGlass Castle intensely and his family are filled with belief he will make this structure until the foundation of the castle Rex has built gets filled with trash. It is a clear symbol of Jeanette’s childhood and her being able to trust her father with his promises that he will one day finish the castle. As toward the end of the novel her belief vanishes along with her childhood and trust with her father.



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Should Grade 12 University English really be Required for all University programs?


Students are given plenty of choice with course selections

As students’ progress through high school and graduation approaches, they progressively think of what they want to do in post-secondary. Not only do they have to envision what they want to do in their future, they must make sure they receive their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas by getting the required credits to graduate, among other things. In regards to that, there are still plenty of choices in what courses high school students want to take, especially in grade twelve. The reason we have options is because depending on the post-secondary program students chose to go into, many courses are not mandatory. For example, many of the programs offered in university, allow the option of using a university level math and/or sciences as one of their top six courses that they apply with, however, it is not obligatory. Whereas university level English is a requirement for all university programs we apply to, as well as having all the other courses be of university level.

In my opinion grade 12 university English should be mandatory for all university programs we enter.

As for my reasoning, I believe that the skills obtained from the English course are going to be crucial in preparing students such as myself for what is to come in university. No matter what program it is, we will need to be proficient in writing whether it is for essays, labs or resumes. Grade 12 university English provides a good sense of what the quality of work will have to be to achieve the marks we need to be successful. In each year of English I take, my understanding of all the topics discussed has expanded. Personally speaking, since grade 9 my reading and writing skills have significantly increased. After each year, I continued to improve, so now when I finish high school I feel like I will be in the best possible position entering university. With any language, even if it is my mother tongue, there is always room for improvement and needs to be continually practiced. Thus, if English is only taken up to grade 11, it will make it more difficult to remember what was learnt during high school. Due to forgetting basic rules and conventions when writing essays, to a professor teaching at any university, the quality of a paper written will be lower than expected. When I look at my first grade 9 essay and compare it to my grade 11 essays I have produced, I can see a big improvement. My own development has proved that taking English for four years is not pointless and can be helpful especially as I progress in post-secondary education and the jobs I will get after that.

Essay writing skills need to be carried to university

In English class, there is plenty of repetition in what is being taught and required of students to complete each year of high school such as essays, presentations, and readings. Norman Vincent Peale once said, “Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex.” From this statement, it is understood that when essays, readings, and presentations are repeated, the hope is that after high school, all students will know it so well that it will be like an automatic reflex. These are skills that are expected to be excellent coming out of high school. Seeing as though what is learned in English provides the most help for all the programs in university, it really should be the only mandatory course. In all university courses students need to use a textbook and do lots of reading to understand everything being taught by a professor, so doing the readings in English repeatedly will be beneficial in the long term. In all university programs, even if it is not English related such as Journalism, the students will need to write essays on a scientific discovery or labs about the experiment they conducted, so the skills acquired through the four years of school will be extremely valuable.

An average university class where student need to discuss program topics with one another

English skills are even going to be necessary outside the classroom in certain situations as well. Such as when having a job interview. Discussions which are frequently conducted in an English classroom will really help you feel prepared communicating with people one on one like someone might in an interview. University classrooms tend to be very large so students will end up needing to ask peers for some help on certain topics when outside the classroom with no teachers. Students that participated in a grade 12 university discussions will be more comfortable with sharing a problem they experienced with fellow classmates or working within a group on a university assignment while still contributing their ideas. English is very important for this as well and that is why it should be mandatory for university to learn it in Grade 12.

I plan on going to Kings for management and organizational studies. Of course, for this I will need the grade 12 university English credit and friends in this program have told me many skills learned in grade 12 university English will be crucial for this program. As shown repeatedly, English being mandatory for university is very important, even with me.


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